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For those living on the street, it is sometimes unclear where to go or who to trust. While on the other side, those who have never experienced homelessness may not understand the unfortunate circumstances. By learning the stories of those who have been through it, we can grow our community and bridge this gap.

Paul Tanner

Recovered Four Years

“It gets better. It was just me and my dog, on the streets for almost three years. But then I asked for help, that’s what changed everything for me.”

Darrel Smith

Sheltered for Five Days

Age: 39
Days Homeless: 5
Occupation: Sales
Hometown: Spokie, IL

David Jackson

Recovered Two Months Ago

Age: 12
Years Homeless: .5
Occupation: Kid/Future Football Star
Hometown: Phoenix

Jim Galyon

Sheltered for Two Months

Age: 64
Months Homeless: 2
Occupation: Music Promoter
Hometown: Commerce, TX

Kathy Helstead

Recovered Two Years Ago

Age: 42
Years Homeless: 1
Occupation: Medical Field
Hometown: Seattle

Ruben Nathon Leon

Recovered Five Years Ago

Age: 29
Years Homeless: 2
Occupation: Case Manager
Hometown: Maryvale, AZ

Joe Collins

Recovered Two Months Ago

Age: 32
Years Homeless: 1
Occupation: Airport Worker
Hometown: Phoenix

“All these people talking about morality should just take a walk downtown. They don't want to go downtown because instantly they see homeless people and they don't want to.”

-Neil Young

Folk Singer

Johnathon Bloom

Sheltered for Two Years

Age: 63
Years Homeless: 1.5
Occupation: Fabricator
Hometown: Lasalle, IL

Molly Hitchens

Recovered One Year ago

Age: 18
Years Homeless: 1
Occupation: Student
Hometown: Santa Ana

Raymond Patten

Recovered Two Months Ago

Age: 51
Years Homeless: 10
Occupation: Teacher
Hometown: London

Tanner Bing

Recovered .5 Years Ago

Age: 20
Years Homeless: 2
Occupation: Student
Hometown: San Francisco

Adam Nelson

Recovered Two Years Ago

Age: 60
Years Homeless: 7
Occupation: Check Out Clerk
Hometown: London

Alice Chow

Recovered 4 Years Ago

Age: 23
Years Homeless: 2
Occupation: Patient Care Technician
Hometown: Flagstaff